Apply for Certificate

Please read this first before you proceed with for your certificate request

In order to issue your certificate, we require the following:

  • You have a zero balance and do not owe JTI any money (please check with our staff if you unsure about this)
  • Your grades are all marked and have a result of satisfactory in your Moodle grades. If you have wrong grades or a grade is missing, you will need to contact your trainer to find out if there is a problem, before you complete this application.
  • Your Apply First Aid Certificate (we might ask for a copy)
  • Your workplacement book has been marked as satisfactory, and the mark appear on your Moodle grade
  • AQTF survey done (you will do this once you press proceed button on the bottom of this page)

Please do not proceed with applying your certificate if you do not have above requirements. This will results in the cancellation of your certificate application form.

If you have any questions regarding applying for your certificate, please contact us before proceeding –

I have read the above instructions and confirm that I have all the documents required to apply for my certificate.
I acknowledge that submitting false documents and/or false information will delay and may result in cancellation of my certificate application.
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