22099VIC First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

The First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC) provides you with the skills and knowledge required to administer adrenalin auto injectors (EpiPen / AnaPen), management of casualty(s), identify risks on site, until the arrival of medical assistance. Anaphylaxis training is a requirement in all child care facilities to work as a child care worker.
It is important for every person to be accredited with First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis - (22099VIC) certificate and be aware of the correct procedure to follow in an emergency. The course content includes practical, theory and assessment.

The duration of the course is about five hours.

$60 include certificate $100 for Combination of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Course (Save $20!)

Elements of This course include:

  • VU20296 Provide first aid management of severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis
  • VU20297 Develop risk minimisation and management strategies for allergic reaction and anaphylaxis

Students receive a statement of attainment in 22099VIC First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis a few days after the class.


There are no pre-requisites of qualifications to join this course. Career Path Child Care Sector

This course is delivered by Professional and Fully Accredited Trainers, with several years of experience. 

Application Fee: $60.00