22024VIC Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace

The prevalence of asthma in Australia is among the highest in the world: between 10% and 15% of children and between 10% and 12% of adults have asthma. Although it is not a major cause of death, asthma is one of the most common problems managed by doctors and is a frequent reason for the hospitalisation of children, especially boys.
There are no endorsed units of competency that deal specifically with the emergency management of asthma in the workplace. Therefore, this course is designed to meet industry needs to comply with risk management in relation to the provision of asthma related interventions in the workplace.

The duration of the course is about five hours.

$60 include certificate 

$100 for Combination of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Course (Save $20!)

Training has been designed to be delivered in a flexible mode, if required. Other delivery mode examples include:

  • Demonstration
  • Role Playing
  • Practical Exercises
  • Case Study
  • Group Activities
  • Oral QUestioning

Students receive a statement of attainment in 22024VIC Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace a few days after the class.

This course is delivered by Professional and Fully Accredited Trainers, with several years of experience.

Application Fee: $60.00