Food handling courses

essential for working in the food industry or having a kitchen job

Completing a certification or courses of the food handling is essential for working in the food industry or having a kitchen job. Not only for job but is it also beneficial for housewives who spend most of their time in the kitchen handling chores. They have to spend time preparing food. There are 18 basic guidelines that will help you in food handling courses. These courses are offered online or you can attend the regular program in institutes and organizations.

While taking food handling courses, you need to be careful about the following;

  • If you have a business related to food, then make sure that people who have not completed hygiene courses should not enter your preparation areas. If they are entering the particular area legitimately then they should be supervising them at every moment.
  • The guidelines for employee are that they should wash hands thoroughly. It should be done with a technique that was taught to them during the course. This should be done before the preparation of the food, after smoking, after going to the toilet, after eating and drinking, or even after touching their face or body.
  • Employees should also have hair nets so that their hair does not fall in the food while cooking.
  • Employees should be well aware of the hazardous food. It includes raw and cooked meat, dairy products, processed fruits, vegetables, cooked rice and pasta. Food that contains content of eggs and nuts are also considered as hazardous.
  • The tools you use for food preparation should be washed thoroughly and replaced after preparation of each meal.
  • You must keep the raw items away from the cooked food.
  • You need to control the temperature as well while cooking the food. There are different temperatures for different food therefore you must follow them.
  • The raw material you will receive from the supplier should be properly packed without wear and tear.
  • Don’t let the supplier supply the food unless some one is there for supervision of any affected food item.

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