Work Placement Request Form

Please read the following before proceeding with your work placement request

In order to assist you with work placement, we require the following:

  • A valid National Police Check
  • A valid Working with Children Check (not required for Individual Support courses)
  • Satisfactory completion of all required units (check with your trainer for the units you must complete before applying for work placement)
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Current Manual Handling Certificate (only required for Individual Support and Disability courses)

After you have applied you will be required to submit your documents to us.

Please do not apply for your work placement if you have not met the above requirements.
How to apply for a Police Check through JTI

Job Training Institute conducts online National Police Check (through Fit2work) for students

  • Cost:  $32 including GST (for volunteer/student check)
  • Cost:  $50 including GST (for employment check)
  • Save time: National Police Checks at internet speed, no need to post your consent/application & certified ID documents
  • Prompt result: Secure online delivery anywhere in the world. We will email your Police Check Certificate as soon as the result is received by us.

Please follow these steps.

  • Enrol and become a  Job Training Institute student.
  • Make payment for National Police Check. Note: this is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee.
  • Bring 100 points ID/Documents (originals or certified true copies) on your orientation day, complete the National Police History Check consent form and our Authorised Officer will sight your 100 points of ID.
  • JTI will conduct the National Police Check and email the Police check certificate to you once results are received.
How to apply online for a police check through Federal Police website:
  • Visit the Australian Federal Police website
  • You can download the application form from the website or use the online application portal.
  • Only a “name check” application is necessary.
  • For current fees on Federal police check, refer to the AFP website.
How to apply for a working with children (WWC) check
  • Only Victorian students are required to apply for a “Working with children check”.
  • go to those website and complete the application form
  • Go to your nearest post office and pay for the application. You do not have to print the form, you can access the completed form through your phone and give details to the post office.
  • fees for the check are on the working with children website.
  • It takes at least three weeks to get the WWC card.
I have all my documents and have completed all the necessary units, what's next?
  • Apply online for your work placement. Ensure you complete the survey you will be presented with.
  • JTI  will do its best to place you in a suitable facility within your area of interest, however, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • JTI highly recommends that you try to secure your own work placement. If you do find your own placement, please select the appropriate option when completing the work placement application form.
  • If you opt to receive assistance from JTI to secure your work placement, it may take up to 21 working days. 
  • It is expected that as a JTI student, you must comply with the policies and procedures of the host facility. Any unacceptable behaviour that results in your dismissal from the facility will not be tolerated by JTI and you will be required to secure your own further work placement.

You will need to complete the survey before you can apply for your work placement.

If you have any questions regarding work placement, please contact our work placement coordinator –

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