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1. Course Credit
Application Form

1. Course Credit Application Form

2. Request for

2. Request for Refund

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3. Change of Student Information

4. Withdrawal

4. Withdrawal Form


Job Training Institute Pty Ltd (JTI) will implement a transparent complaints and appeals policy that enables learners and clients to be informed of and to understand their rights and the JTI’s responsibilities under the VET Standards. This policy:

  • ensure the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of the complaint and appeal process
  • is publicly available
  • set out the procedure for making a complaint or requesting an appeal
  • ensure complaints and requests for an appeal are acknowledged in writing and finalised as soon as practicable, and
  • Provide for review by an appropriate party independent of JTI and the complainant or appellant, at the request of the individual making the complaint or appeal, if the processes fail to resolve the complaint or appeal.

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